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efek vokal Mikrofon zoom rfx1100.  rfx 1100
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02 Sep 2018
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efek vokal Mikrofon zoom rfx 1100


The RFX-1100 is a sophisticated digital reverb and multi-effect processor with

the following features and functions.

33 immediately usable effects

The RFX-1100 comes with a full complement of preset effects (11 effects x 3 banks).

Right out of the box, the unit is ready to create great sound. The REVERB bank in

particular provides a wide spread and natural sounding ambience that meets even

demanding professional standards.

Built-in professional quality reverb

The reverb effects alone allow 121 different settings. The convincing sound stage

created by the RFX-1100 far surpasses anything else available in this class.

Innovative choices

Lo-Fi EFX purposely degrades sound quality for special effect. RESONANCE

processes the input signal with sophisticated filtering. MIC SIMULATOR produces

condenser mic sound from a dynamic microphone. These and various other effects

are great for recording and give full scope to your creativity.

Attractive mixdown effects

Mixdown effects can be used effectively to tailor the overall mood of a song when

performing mixdown (mixing multiple tracks onto two final stereo tracks) or

mastering (fine-tuning the sound and level of a final 2-track mix).

Intuitive editing controls

Convenient knobs on the front panel let you directly adjust items such as the mixing

ratio of original sound and effect sound. Editing effect parameters on the fly is also

easy and straightforward. This allows quick fine-tuning for optimum sound.

MIC IN connector

The MIC IN connector on the front panel serves as an additional input for a

microphone. This is convenient for applying effects to a vocal part and for

controlling the VOCODER effect with your voice.

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